Beyond SkateWhitford

Information: Beyond skate a very unique store! A mini skate park built inside the store inside a shopping centre, yes challenging but not impossible.

Aesthetically, the custom chain mesh fencing along with the use of form ply and hoop pine throughout the retail area combine to achieve the design concept desired by Beyond Skate. Sound ratings were a requirement for the tenancy which led to Lamar Industries installing a full length and full height CFC cladded wall in front of the tenancy wall itself. This now showcases features artwork by a local artist. Structurally, concrete ramps and glass wall rides were a focal point of the skate park. The shopfront was designed to replicate the skateboard track layout, the glass supply and installation was cleverly managed by Lamar’s project manager to coordinate the hoist, and lifting team this required various cranes involved with the installation Custom signage and red vinyl to the glass, completed the shopfront in the Beyond theme. The glazing consisted of a triple laminated 12mm toughened glass panel sitting flush on the concrete vert ramp edge to transition from the ramp to the vertical plane for the skaters. This created an area style viewing, a unique display for shoppers within the centre very unique.